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Mat Cutting


Maybe you have an old frame you want to use, you want to display your pictures or photos unframed, or  the existing mat board on your picture is old, damaged, discoloured, or just the wrong colour....


we can cut matboards to size in any of over 200 colours and designs and textures, and we can add fancy decorations if you want,  do double and triple mats and even cirlces and fancy shapes

our standard choice for matboards is to choose cotton rag mats  - which are naturally acid free, we also use  acid free mats or  for the budget  conscious we can just use papr based decorative matboards


As we custom cut matboards, we can't always do it straight away, but if we have the colour in stock and some spare time we can sometimes do them straight away, 


Repairs and Broken Glass

If you have an old frame that has sentimental value that you just can't part with but needs a bit of TLC, or maybe you have a picture that fell off the wall and the frame broke, we might be able to help you repair it

Picture fell of the wall, glass got broken in transport - no problems, we can cut to size, often there and then

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