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Easels and Other Stuff

No art shop would be complete without easels and we carry small table tops, portable field easels and sturdy studio easels

plus - and there’s always a plus, we stock:

  • Gallery Hanging System for displaying your pictures at home or in the office

  • A variety of Clays and pottery tools

  • Air Drying Clay

  • Books and DVD’s

  • Printing Supplies from etching plates, to lino tiles, Gelly Plates, woodblocks

  • Craft knives and Glue

  • Art Greeting Cards

  • Gold Leaf

  • Palettes

  • Portfolios

  • French Curves

  • Barnes Resin

  • and many weird and wonderful things such as Mahlsticks, T Squares, Panthographs and Mouth Diffusers

Photo by Raychan on Unsplash
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