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planning an exhibition

One of the things that breaks our heart is seeing people spend months and months producing great artworks for an exhibition only to ruin them by framing them in cheap or inappropriate frames, which don't do justice to the artwork.  

The same goes for people entering Art Competitions.

Maybe you're framed a picture in a frame just because " I had it lying around ",

  • but the style isn't quite right

  • or the balance between the picture and frame isn't there,

There's nothing wrong with re-cycling, but sometimes it just doesn't work

when people buy an artwork they are generally buying the whole package so they can put it on their wall when they get home

That's where we're soft at Art Plus as we can offer great discounts on custom framing when you're planning a exhibition and need multiple frames done, especially if you use the same style frame for all your works. And the good news is it might not be as expensive as you think.

So before you head off to Crazy Clark's , K Mart or Vinnies, come and talk to us - we even have some good quality standard size frames ourselves which may be suitable for your work.

Some of the main factors in thinking about framing for exhibitions

  • Consistency  - does the exhibition look like it's all done by the same artist

  • Simplicity - your taste may not be the same as someone else's, so sometime simple is best, hence the term " gallery frame "

  • Appropriateness - does the frame really suit the picture and is the balance between the frame and picture right

Months and Months of your hard work can be undone by bad framing.

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