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Canvas Stretching

We find that a lot of people when travelling pick up an artwork on canvas, be it from Outback Australia, Bali, Europe or even Madagascar, or they order a canvas print on-line which arrives rolled up in a tube and need it stretched back over a frame so they can display it.  


At Art Plus we custom make frames to the desired size using good quality pine stretcher bars, we prefer to use either 30mm or 38mm  bars but depending on the artwork occasionally use 19mm bars.


For larger artworks we brace the frames with pine cross braces for extra stability.

We then stretch your artwork back on the frame  ready to hang on your wall, however for that extra  wow factor we can add a Frame to your artwork, in the form of either a "float frame" or a standard frame


Are you an Artists and Need a Blank Canvas of a certain size?


Maybe you have a commission to paint or have an idea in your head and the standard canvases we sell just aren't quite the right size.Well we can custom make  to your desired size using either using 12oz (380gsm) canvas or 14oz Linen.

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