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Paints and Inks

Art Plus caters to the beginner, student, hobbyist and professional artist.

We cover all paint types: 

Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours, Gouach, Fabric paints and Oil Sticks, from both leading Australian and International brands.

Winsor & Newton Watercolours - Artist Quality and Cotman
Art Spectrum - Artist Quality Oils,  Watercolours and Gouache

Winton Student Oils 
Matisse - Structure and Flow Acrylics
Jo Sonja Acrylics
Atelier Interactive Acrylics

Atelier Free Flow

Golden Acrylics

A2 Student Acrylics

Permaset Screen Prinking

Ironlak and SUGAR - Spray Paint

Akua Etching Ink

Derivan Block Ink

EC Splash and Aquacryl Paints for Kids and Students

Royal Talens Amsterdam Inks - suitable for drawing, painting and airbrushes

Winsor and Netwon Drawing and Calligraphy Inks 

Pinata Alcohol Inks

We also carry a range of Watercolour Sets - Koi, Faber Castell, Gambai, Cotman and Micador Much More

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