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Most people talk about ‘Picture Framing ’ although we like refer to ourselves as a Custom Framer.  As a starting point we have over 200 frames and 200 Matboards, and 4 types of Glass to chose from, so there's something for everyone.


Whilst  we do frame a lot of pictures, we also frame a lot of other things as well. This brings Art Plus to pride itself in customising each job to suit each individual customer in order to maximise the visual impact of the things that we frame.

The list of things we can frame are endless,

  • art works, prints and photographs of all shapes and sizes,

  • our work also consists of framing posters,

  • needle works (cross stitch, long stitch silks, batiks, tapestry), 

  • papyrus and parchments,

  • football shirts, t shirts (and cowboy chaps !!) 

  • degree and other certificates,

  • holiday memorabilia,

  • medals,

  • jigsaw puzzles

  • other objects we have framed include, cricket bats, vinyl records, plaster casts, catfish bones wedding bouquets and a wedding dress

In fact bring it in and we can probably frame it. Take a look at our gallery  to see some of our projects.

As every job we do is different, when you come to see us we tend to ask a lot of questions about the object we are framing.
Such questions as: what is the objects history, where is it going to hang, what style of house is going into, what are the colour of the walls.

We ask all of these questions so that we can understand the best way to treat and frame the object, specifically customised to your requirements. These questions help us work with you to come up with the best custom design for you, whilst choosing the right frame is obviously important there are other things we need to consider:

  • do we put a Coloured Matt border around the object

  • do we put Multiple Matts around the object

  • what quality of Matt board do we use

  • what type of Glass do we use (premium, reflection control, UV control, Museum quality and our favourite Tru Vue Clarity -which is both affordable and gives amazing clarity to your pictures with minimal refletions)

  • should we use Glass or Perspex

  • do we actually need a frame sometimes we might sandwich things between glass or stretch them around a frame

Our role is to advise on colour co-ordination, frame style, aesthetics and proportions but ultimately whatever we chose, the overall result should enhance the object being framed and not detract from, or overpower it.
This can lead us to frame things from the simple to the elaborate.

We generally frame things to three different standards to suit different requirements and budgets:

  • Decorative – most work falls in to this category

  • Conservation – where we choose materials that minimise the risk of the object being attacked by lignin (acid) and
    fading through exposure to UV light

  • Museum – this is the ultimate quality using materials tried and tested over the years to ensure that the object being framed will still look the same in 100 years time


Plus... We sell a selection of frames and matt boards of standard sizes. We also sell the extra bits and pieces to help you hang your pictures. From screws, wire and hooks, to the fully customized Gallery Hanging Systems.

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