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Adult Weekly Art Sessions with Marlies @Art Plus 

Marlies’ art sessions are held on a weekly basis on Tuesday morning 9.30 to 12.00  @ $20pp     

Marlies calls herself an art mediator and each week runs a vibrant and inspiring learning session at the Art Plus store in Bundaberg. She brings a solid foundation of art education to encourage and enable you to pick up new techniques and explore different ways to express yourself.

Following four years of studying at the International School of Colour and Design, Marlies obtained an Honours Degree in Painting from the National Art School in Sydney.  She is an avid reader of art books and magazines and collector of ideas.

Generally, students bring along a project they are currently working on and Marlies will encourage, motivate, demonstrate and give guidance. Together with her students she will help find ways to bring their artworks to life; and if you currently don’t have a project in mind, Marlies has a store-house of ideas and reference material that you can research together.

By choice Marlies doesn’t paint or draw traditional subjects and leans more towards Mixed Media and Collage which allows her to be more experimental. When it comes to traditional subjects for example ocean scenes or landscapes she will guide you through colour choices and colour mixing and give you advice and tips on composition.

Marlies asks her students to keep an open mind and enjoy the art making process. She strongly believes in encouraging and supporting her students to create and be creative in a relaxed environment.

For total beginners, Marlies has developed a 2 to 3 week introductory painting and colour mixing exercise with materials provided. After that students bring their own materials.

Give Marlies a call at Art Plus on 4151 4665 to talk through with her what you would like to learn and how she can help you.


For more information on Marlies visit her


facebook: marlies

or find her on Instagram: @marliesoakley

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